Origin of the Name Subaru

In 1953, five Japanese car companies merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), and adopted a “Subaru” cluster of stars as its official logo for its cars.  This cluster of stars is better known by the Greek name “Pleiades,” which is part of the Taurus constellation.  In the West, the cluster is called Pleiades, and in China, Mao, and Japan it is called Subaru meaning “to govern” or “gather together.”  Subaru was the first automobile brand to use a Japanese word as its name.


Pleiades consists of hot blue stars that were formed together about 100 million years ago.  Six of its stars are visible to the naked eye, but about 250 bluish stars can be seen if one uses a telescope.  These blueish stars have influenced Subaru’s blue color scheme.


It is thought that the biggest star in the Subaru logo represents Fuji Heavy Industries, while the five smaller stars represent the five companies that merged under the Fuji Heavy Industries.  As seen on the right, the stars of the Subaru logo are arranged in a very similar to the way they are in the Pleiades open star cluster.


Look how the Subaru logo has evolved over time!







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