Subaru and Yosemite Goal For No Public Trash in National Parks

     Subaru has made major strives in sustainability. Not only does Subaru have a plant that emits zero landfill waste (SIA), and  has not since May 2004, but they also have strongly supported a campaign with Yosemite National Park to make our National Parks trash free. Green initiative is a major part of the companies focus, they have taken it upon themselves to make this their corporate responsibility.  
     Yosemite and Subaru held a meeting to discuss what can be done. Some of the outcomes include a bigger push for resealable and reusable water bottles, grocery bags, food containers, eatery, and cloth napkins/towels. Waste is abundant in our parks and a major part of that waste is plastic. While Yosemite tries to keep up with getting people to recycle, there is only so much that can be controlled and done. Plastic is a major issue of the world because it does not de-compose, making it last forever. When it gets to a landfill, it stays there. Plastic that does not end up in landfills, pollutes where ever it lays, including the ocean and our national parks. 
     With the help of Subaru, national parks will learn to decrease waste.  Water refill stations are set up in the parks for reusable water bottles and Yosemite is looking to SIA for more help on how to decrease waste. Together, they will make a huge impact.

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