Subaru the Hottest Car Company in the U.S

"The U.S. auto business, in 2015, is a Hollywood movie - one big chase and a happy ending. If there's a hero, it's scrappy little Subaru, the Japanese company best known as Fuji Heavy Industries (Bloomberg Business)."

Subaru is the hottest car company in the US and is doing the best in sales. It is small but mighty. When comparing last September to this September,
there has been a 28% growth. September 2015 was a recorder breaker.

No other car company will come close to matching Subaru's sale pace this year. Subaru has beat other companies by margins. The Northeast and Northwest are Subaru's largest consumers. 

 "This extraordinary success has been built on a foundation of the right product, the right positioning and most of all, a strong retail network," Thomas Doll, Subaru of America president, said in a statement.

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