Subaru cares about all your babies...that includes your fur babies!

Subaru has teamed up with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). Beginning in 2013, they began with a study to determine pet harness crash-worthiness.  We set out to highlight the importance of driving sa
fely with pets. We also wanted to help develop formal testing standards for pet harnesses, so manufacturer claims could be substantiated.  Surprisingly, the test exposed some catastrophic harness failures, even from some manufacturers who boasted their harness had passed rigorous crash tests. 

So...on to the next phase of testing, pet crates and carriers. The results are in and, once again, there were some real winners and some detrimental failures. 
See the results of all tests here!
Click Here to see the shocking test in action!
There is no denying that manufacturer standards are imperative to pet safety.

Subaru is proud to partner with the Center for Pet Safety so we can help lead the charge when it comes to pet safety. Here at Subaru, we care about all your babies...and that includes your fur babies!

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